The original course of the River Avon was tidal throughout Bristol. The water level rose and fell as much as 30 ft (9 m) twice a day, leaving shipping stranded in the mud at low tide.  A large section of the tidal river was dammed between 1804-09 to create the Floating Harbour.

  • Cumberland Basin is the entrance into the Floating Harbour coming from Bristol Channel.
  • Netham Lock is the entrance into the Floating Harbour coming from the inland River Avon.
  • The New Cut is an artificial waterway that diverts the tidal River Avon, which runs from Totterdown Basin, near Temple Meads, to the Underfall sluices. The length of the cut is approximately 1.8 miles (2.9km).

The waterways in Bristol are operated and maintained by Bristol City Council.
They can provide information on:

  • Arrival to and departure from Bristol Harbour
  • Bristol Harbour facilities and marine services
  • Bristol Harbour useful contacts
  • Local notices to mariners
  • Mooring and berthing in the harbour
  • Navigation in the harbour and bridge clearances
  • Waste reception and disposal
  • Water sports in the docks
  • Weather data

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