Thanks to a recently installed webcam, people from around the world can now enjoy the stunning view of Bristol’s historic Floating Harbour from Underfall Yard at the click of a button. The webcam project is part of the Trust’s wider effort to allow visitors to remotely engage with Underfall Yard and Bristol Harbour. In future it is hoped the live feed will help promote the Harbour as an attractive and bustling visitor destination.

Webcam view JS Feb 2021

Working with Skyline Webcams, an Italian company that specialises in providing live webcam footage of interesting and iconic sites around the world, Underfall Yard Trust installed the device on the yard’s Accumulator Tower to capture the view ‘down’ the Harbour towards SS Great Britain and the Centre. Of particular interest is the time lapse feature which condenses footage from the preceding 24 hours into a short film which enables viewers to see changes in the weather, the movement of boats, harbour operations, paddle boards and much more. The time lapse recording is overwritten every 24 hours and footage is not retained by Underfall Yard Trust or Skyline Webcams.

Click here to view the live feed and time lapse recording.