In January 2021 Underfall Yard Trust began offering virtual tours of the yard. Initially intended to be a temporary measure, the Trust has decided to continue to offer virtual visits alongside traditional in-person visits. The tours have been an excellent way of allowing Underfall Yard to continue to tell its story and engage with the community during lockdown and since January, nearly 600 people from Bristol and around the world have ‘visited’ the yard to discover its history, experience its ambiance and see its unique collection of history machines in action.

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The tours allow visitors to discover the elegant Georgian engineering that created the Floating Harbour and continues to perform an essential (and largely hidden) role in water management and flood prevention. A highlight of the tour is experiencing the yard’s Victorian machines in action to see how things were done in the days before computers and 3D printing and experience the heavy engineering that once powered Bristol Docks. To check dates and register for free tickets please visit Eventbrite here:

Underfall Yard Trust is not charging a fee for these tours, but as a charitable trust we greatly appreciate donations via our Just Giving page: